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  What is the Companion Flag?

The Companion Flag is a symbol representing the essential identity of all human beings. It stands for everything that is done, held, known, or experienced in common by human beings, notwithstanding their differences. A simple, unpretentious white flag with a band of color across the top, it is a gift from humanity to itself, to its children, and to all future generations.

The Companion Flag is meant to be displayed throughout the world with the flags of every nation, state, province, city, club, organization, etc. Like those colorful and distinctive banners, the Companion Flag will become a visible part of the backdrop of our lives -- whoever we are, and wherever we may live, or travel, on the face of the earth.

Intended solely as a unifying symbol of humanity, and representing the common thread of all human life, the Companion Flag will reach peacefully into the future, as well. It will become part of the


backdrop of the lives of our children and grandchildren. It will be visible to them in their earliest memories, and throughout their lives. They will see it wherever they go -- even in the most distant and exotic lands; it will be a regular part of their world.

The Companion Flag is a gift from one generation to the next -- a gift of comfort and understanding which parents throughout the world will give countless times a day, whenever a child asks, "Pappa, why are there so many white flags?" or "Mamma, look! Isn’t that the Companion Flag? Why are they using it here, so far from where we live? What does it mean?"

What does it stand for?

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