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A message from Companion Flag Ambassadors Jim and Lois Ege of Pentwater, Michigan, USA. . .

Dear CFSI:

After several attempts in the winter to get a Companion Flag that would hold up under highway speeds on the motorcycle, I finally decided to make my own by hand. (Look out Betsy Ross!)

We travelled the midwest the first part of the summer and lost the flag and the mast somewhere on the highway in Indiana. The second flag benefitted from experience and has been a fixture on the bike ever since. (See photo.) We travelled over 10,000 miles this last summer. We carry our calling cards with the flag, the mission statement and web site with us at all times! We travelled to the National Goldwing Rally in Indiana and the Honda Homecoming in Marysville, Ohio where the Goldwing is manufactured. 5,000 Goldwing owners at the first rally and 12,000 Honda owners at Marysville. We routinely go to Goldwing rallies around the state of Michigan.

Next summer we will be travelling to Rapid City, Sorth Dakota and Knoxville, Tennessee for the Honda Hoot where we expect 20,000 Honda owners. My wife and I are proud to display the Companion Flag wherever we go!

Jim and Lois Ege
Companion Flag Ambassadors

P.S. I will sew another flag for the sailboat this winter!



CF Ambassador Jim Ege


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